Learn Which Love Wellness Products Are Right For You By Taking Our New Quiz!

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Love Wellness babes you know how much we love you 💕and want to help you conquer whatever feminine problems you may be dealing with, so to better help understand your needs we developed a quiz to discover what natural, intimate solutions will work best for your own personal care! 

By answering just a few quick questions we’re able to provide you with a suggestion of what Love Wellness products you should be incorporating into your daily routine! TBH it's actually pretty fun 😋

For example, if you find that you are constantly battling UTIs, Yeast Infections or even BV, you would click on that option of the quiz where you are then asked about two yes or no questions which finally leads you to the products you should try in order to fight off these annoying infections!

If you happened to choose BV and are interested in preventative care as well, then the end result of your quiz will most likely be to try our Trip Threat Kit which combines The Killer for fast infection relief with our Good Girl Probiotics and Perfect Condition Vitamin which boosts your body’s good bacteria that prevent infections and reduce inflammation system-wide!

The same process goes for if you are experiencing problems with sleeping- you simply choose what exactly your issue is whether it be trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, bad quality sleep or even all of the above and we provide you with the solution in order to get the beauty rest you so deserve! 

It literally takes less than a minute to go through the quiz so if you’re curious about our all-natural supplements and what might work best for you, then simply take the quiz and be sure to enter your first and last name as well as email address so you can receive a code for free shipping on your order! 



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