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The Gratitude Challenge - Week 3

kaceylangstonkaceylangston Posts: 158Administrator admin
edited November 2019 in GRL PWR POLLS & CHALLENGES

Which Love Wellness product has changed your life for the better?

Is there one you can't live without? Have you recommended one to all of your friends? Do you have a kit you're crazy for?

Tell us your favorite in the comments below for 100 TLC points 😊



  • Dr. HortonDr. Horton Posts: 39Member ✭✭

    I often asked for advice because when people find out an OB/GYN I get asked a lot of questions no matter where I am? I was recently asked about vaginal dryness and sex. Sex stuff is a great lubricant and I recommend it to women who are experiencing vaginal dryness due to peri-menopause, menopause or dryness caused by medication, douching and breast feeding. Sex Stuff has aloe which moisturizes the vaginal canal and is pH balanced so it doesn't disrupt the vaginal flora. Sex Stuff may help decrease pain during sex that may be due to vaginal dryness too by providing the lubricant your vagina is missing. Foreplay is always recommended to help with this too! To keep the vagina healthy and happy, I recommend Good Girl Probiotics and and Perfect Condition Vitamins to your daily routine. Always use good hygiene after sex. Keep the Do it All Wipes handy and make sure you wipe front to back. If you are prone to UTIs, then add UTI Don't Think So, drink lots of water and pee after you have sex.

  • Jennylynnpierce1985Jennylynnpierce1985 Posts: 1Member

    Mood Pills for sure!

  • sdleachsdleach Posts: 1Member

    I have recently become acquainted with the Love Wellness products. I decided to try the Bye Bye Bloat. As I get older (I’m 46) and after having a hysterectomy, I do feel like I deal with bloating issues. I have never sworn by any products I have ever tried....but this is a legitimate game changer for me! Immediate results ! I have told my friends the MUST buy this product! Thank you Love Wellness for amazing products and I can’t wait to try the other supplements.

  • JbealeJbeale Posts: 3Member

    I’m loving the Sparkle Fiber!!

  • taysharptaysharp Posts: 1Member

    The Bye Bye Bloat is life changing! I love it more than anything I’ve ever tried.

  • MartieMartie Posts: 1Member

    I love everything. But what I can’t go without is the metabolove! It’s helping shed those extra pounds after having a baby. I’m getting my body back!

  • nlondonlondo Posts: 2Member

    I love the good girl probiotics!! My fave, also like the perfect condition vitamins.

  • JadeyAFOJadeyAFO Posts: 1Member

    I have lived with bloating all my life, Sparkle Fiber has made a big difference already.

    I use many other love wellness products, but it has become my favorite!!

  • csumzcsumz Posts: 2Member

    I love metabolove, it just helps so much.

  • jnrrien8jnrrien8 Posts: 2Member

    Metabolove!! <3

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