Missed Pills?

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I have a question - If I miss a few days of my birth control pills could that cause PMS symptoms? Can't seem to find this info anywhere online....


  • RosieRayRosieRay Member Posts: 3

    Whenever I do I start to get crampy and spotting! Is this normal??

  • JaybowtieJaybowtie Member Posts: 4

    I strongly believe that each womans body's are different. However, I can tell you that I have sometimes missed my own birth control pills and it told me to take a double dose the next day. I never did but, maybe set a reminder on your phone to take them each day so you don't forget. Like I've said I've missed my birth control pills and, I honestly never felt any PMS symptoms. But I strongly believe that each birth control is different so if you feel comfortable contact your Dr and let them know.

    Best Wishes to you!!

    ❤️ Jenn

  • MissChristinaMissChristina Member Posts: 31

    I think it does.

  • kcampos218kcampos218 Member Posts: 3

    i would look on the information sheet and go from there. When I took BC in the past, I did have some PMS symptoms from missing the doses but I just found a routine to help and I stopped missing t them!

    Check with your doctor! Maybe they can help with a BC method that’s more suited to your body!

  • pdesai0416pdesai0416 Member Posts: 3
    I sometimes experience similar symptoms of PMS because of missed BC. I find that if I start taking doses right away, it usually rectifies itself.
  • alondrafalondraf Member Posts: 12
    Hey, I’m no doctor but, yes! If you miss your pill you may start getting period like symptoms as your body is adjusting. Not the case for everyone, but the case for some. 
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