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Missed Pills?

LoBosworthLoBosworth Posts: 13Administrator admin

I have a question - If I miss a few days of my birth control pills could that cause PMS symptoms? Can't seem to find this info anywhere online....


  • RosieRayRosieRay Posts: 3Member

    Whenever I do I start to get crampy and spotting! Is this normal??

  • JaybowtieJaybowtie Posts: 4Member

    I strongly believe that each womans body's are different. However, I can tell you that I have sometimes missed my own birth control pills and it told me to take a double dose the next day. I never did but, maybe set a reminder on your phone to take them each day so you don't forget. Like I've said I've missed my birth control pills and, I honestly never felt any PMS symptoms. But I strongly believe that each birth control is different so if you feel comfortable contact your Dr and let them know.

    Best Wishes to you!!

    ❤️ Jenn

  • PA Stephanie HowardPA Stephanie Howard Posts: 10Member, Medical Advisory Board

    @RosieRay Yes! Your body works on a negative feedback system for hormones. So if you forget a pill or miss it, the hormone level will drop. When this level drops, it can cause break through bleeding. The instructions on your pill pack will tell you exactly how to take your birth control and what to do if you miss a day! Always make sure you use back up birth control (condoms) as missing can decrease the effectiveness of the pill!

  • MissChristinaMissChristina Posts: 31Member

    I think it does.

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