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How Your Thoughts & Emotions Can Affect Your Health

ezayas1390ezayas1390 Posts: 21Member ✭✭

Anger, sadness, frustration, happiness, pain, stress…there’s such a wide range of emotions us as humans feel on a daily basis and being emotionally healthy requires you to do just that, FEEL.

Being emotionally healthy does not mean everything is all sunshine and rainbows every day, it means you are aware of your feelings (whether they be positive or negative) and are able to manage them. 

The moment negative feelings become unhealthy is when they become ongoing, distressing, irrational and disrupt your daily life. This is when your emotions begin to affect your health physically by causing a rise in the body’s production of the hormone cortisol which can harm the immune system. Suppressing your emotions is even worse for health because it causes emotional stress that has been linked to mental and physical conditions such as heart disease, insomnia, intestinal problems, hypertension and cardiovascular disease. 

To prevent from having your emotions take over your body completely, it’s important you learn to manage all of your emotions and begin to cultivate positivity in order to become more resilient whenever stress or a crisis arises. By building your emotional resilience, you are not only able to experience hard emotions but you are able to own and express them which will then help you to overcome challenging times with optimism and hope-learn to look at your hardships as a time for personal growth.

Other ways to improve and maintain good emotional health include:

💜Being more compassionate and loving to yourself, after all you are only human so it’s normal to feel however you want to feel but just be honest and open with yourself. 

💛Be aware of your emotions and take note of how you react to them.

💚EXPRESS YOURSELF; it’s so important you let your feelings out that way you don’t add more stress to the body.

🧡Cope with stress by learning relaxation methods such as deep breathing, yoga, meditation and exercise-these are all great ways to release any negative feelings you may be experiencing plus exercise releases endorphins which are your brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters! 

Flourish and don’t be afraid to feel, LW babes!



  • mikkimaine_mikkimaine_ Posts: 4Member

    I absolutely love this. I love to learn more knowledge about how to keep my mental and emotional health in tact. All in all, your overall healths comes from all angles (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, etc.). I have learned that your mental health plays a really big factor in your everyday living. Learning how to share your feelings and understanding them for yourself, life becomes so much easier. Thanks for sharing @ezayas1390 🤗

  • ezayas1390ezayas1390 Posts: 21Member ✭✭

    I totally agree! @mikkimaine_ I used to always keep everything bottled up until I realized that only made things’s always better to just let everything out & keep it moving!

  • JenlehrJenlehr Posts: 85Member, Medical Advisory Board ✭✭✭

    @ezayas1390 I think that we will learn more and more about the link between emotions and disease as we move into the future. Enjoyed this post!

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