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7 Days of Orgasms

kaceylangstonkaceylangston Posts: 158Administrator admin
edited September 2019 in GRL PWR POLLS & CHALLENGES

Calling all Love Club ladies! Our team has been doing some research for Sexual Health month and my mind was blown when I learned that apparently orgasms have SO many potential health benefits. Was anyone else in on this and if so...spill the tea!

Whether solo or with a partner, orgasms are scientifically proven to: 

Boost your immune system

Help you make better decisions

Stimulate creativity

Improve your intuition

Keep your skin healthy, clear and glowing

Relieve pain

etc. etc. etc.!!!!

WHO KNEW?! I deff didn't, but the more I thought about a post-o glow, it makes sense that the release of these hormones during climax would be beneficial to the human body in more ways than one. This science had us thinking...maybe other women have noticed these or other benefits in their daily lives after having an orgasm. I myself was just never aware of it but now that I am, I'm putting it to the test.

So....hello orgasms! The new daily supplement I'll be adding to my routine from now until the end of the month in hopes of a Beyonce type creativity boost. Who's in on the challenge? & if you've experienced these benefits, we want to hear from you!



  • KendraKKendraK Posts: 40Member ✭✭
    edited September 2019

    This challenge is so fun! I've actually read this study somewhere previously and after reading it tried to pay attention to what was happening with my mind and body after having an orgasm. I wound up noticing myself feeling more centered and focused for a few days after...maybe it was all in my head but every time I orgasm it's something I notice for a few days following!

  • SophieJacobsSophieJacobs Posts: 32Member ✭✭

    Every time I orgasm I can definitely see a difference in my mood and my face always looks brighter

  • sammysammy Posts: 1Member

    So crazy to read this because I really do agree with it! I always felt like I was really intuitive the day after having an orgasm but just never put the two together!

  • mhenly01mhenly01 Posts: 1Member

    Well I can def account for organs improving my mood!

  • makenzie4126makenzie4126 Posts: 2Member

    I completely agree with this! Orgasms make everything better!

  • falynfillersfalynfillers Posts: 1Member

    Orgasms definitely make life better. I don’t know about my creative side, but definitely mood and glow are made better.

  • laceymlaceym Posts: 1Member

    Totally behind this idea! Definitely have an increase on mood, but will pay attention to the other factors and document...stay tuned! ; )

  • bertieshealthybertieshealthy Posts: 1Member

    all of the above !

  • mcv1988mcv1988 Posts: 1Member

    I like to think that orgasms help my skin to glow and look healthy and young :) whenever I’m having a stressful day or need to sleep, an orgasm is sure to do the job!

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