Early period

juliabergamojuliabergamo Member Posts: 1

Hi guys! Is it possible that I got my period 3 days early because of the Love Wellness vitamins?

I’ve been taking bye bye bloat + metabolove + moodpills for the last 2 days and I’m still on the pill (1 left for the month). I was supposed to have my period on Thursday and it came on yesterday (Monday).




  • kaceylangstonkaceylangston Administrator Posts: 299 admin

    Hi @juliabergamo! So glad you reached out to TLC. Because you were on/off and back on the pill + have started adding new vitamins to your regimen, we recommend checking in with your doctor. There are so many forms of contraceptives (which is great!) but we don't have a full enough medical history to say the vitamins were the cause. There are also SO many factors that can play a role in an early or late period...everything from stress to how often and how long you exercise. Please keep us posted on what you hear back 💕

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