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It's sexual health month and we think it's time to share some real and open conversations here on TLC...what are some of your sexual health concerns or questions? I'm curious to know who LOVES their gyno and if so, are they based in NYC?! I feel like I haven't found one that I absolutely love and only a few of my friends are really happy with theirs. It's an important relationship to me and over the past couple of years I've kind of moved from gyno to gyno in search of the one that just fits.



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    Thank you for starting this conversation! I would like to get some more insight as to how my diet and nutrition can affect my ability to have children at a later age (closer to 40)... is it even an issue i should be concerned about? I look forward to seeing other topics and discussions this month. Thanks again!

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    @elisaruth me too..i feel like i eat healthy but sometimes i'm not sure if i'm actually getting all of the nutrients i need or if my organic food is really organic. it's scary not knowing where your food comes from! on top of that, i always am hearing about environmental factors that also play a role in fertility.

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    So hard to find a good gyno!! I would also love good recommendations for the New Orleans area.

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    @elisaruth @KendraK i'm even more curious to know what sort of foods, if any are best for preventing cervical cancer and other common cancers in women, even vaginal health concerns..or even supplements to take for prevention. anyone have some recs. or knowledge on this sort of thing?

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    I have been going to Suzanne Pastore, MD for a few years now. She is the best! She has a couple different offices in Manhattan.

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    @gidcumb14 omg! i’m going to look her up and set up a time to go in. thank you!! i’ve truly never gotten positive feedback from anyone that i know and the obgyn’s they go to so the fact that you’ve been going to her for a few years and still say she is the best, makes me super excited & hopeful!

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    @elisaruth you should check out our podcast with Erin Foster. While they don't talk entirely about 'food for fertility' they do talk about the fertility journey (Erin's journey specifically) and what factors, aside from diet can affect fertility. It's one of my favorite episodes!

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