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What does Metabolove do?

Metabolove is one of best selling products, and our answer to metabolism maintenance and boosting energy levels, but with a natural formula. No chemicals = no jitters!

How does it work?

We took Selenium, which is known for its use in regulating the thyroid’s function, and combined it with green tea leaf powder to help boost energy and jumpstart your metabolism!

Wait, what about Lean Queen? Is this Lean Queen?

New name, same formula!

We believe weight management is about overall body health, so we wanted our product to reflect that idea. We want you to metabo-love your body, girl, and ‘healthy’ isn’t limited to one body type or size.

Is this gluten free? What about vegan?

Yep! Gluten free and vegan! We make an effort to maximize natural and organic ingredients in all Love Wellness products.

How do I take Metabolove?

We recommend 1-2 capsules a day, preferably in the morning after a meal, so your body can properly absorb everything for maximum effectiveness.

You’ll know your body best, so you may need a slightly different dosage or schedule, which is totally ok!

If there’s no chemicals added, what does the energy boost come from?

We’ve added green tea leaf powder to our formula, which has 4.5mg of caffeine per serving to keep you going all day long!

Will this make me lose weight?

Metabolove was designed to help better manage your metabolism and energy levels through a more natural approach, and that doesn’t mean it’s just via weight loss.

With a proper diet, regular exercise and a consistent regimen, you could see weight loss, but remember -- a healthy body comes in so many shapes, weights, and sizes, all specific to Y O U.

Can I take Metabolove with other Love Wellness products?

Totally? Have you seen our New You Kit???

I already take something for my thyroid. Can or should I take Metabolove too?

You’ll want to check in with your doctor on that one, to make sure there are no conflicting ingredients in what you currently take.

*REMINDER* -- Always check in with your doctor/ health care provider before adding anything new to your diet/regimen!

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