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What are #mood Pills?

We created #mood Pills as our natural mood enhancer -- whether it's hormones or you've just got the blues, you've got #mood Pills to lift your spirits!

How do they work?

We use powerful combination of St. John’s Wort, organic gingko leaf, vitamin B6, and GABA in our formula to keep you feeling steady all month long

St. John's Wort: has shown to help treat mild depression.

Ginkgo Biloba: a long time solution to combat depression, anxiety, and energy levels

Chasteberry: has shown to help ease symptoms of PMS and PMDD

St. John's Wort -- is this safe to take with birth control?

You'll definitely want to check in with your doc on this one -- as there are so many forms of birth control now available (woo!), so confirm with them that #mood Pills won't interfere! There's 100mg per capsule.

How much do I need to take?

We recommend 1-2 capsules daily, based on how you're feeling. You could take 1 in the morning and 1 at night, or 2 in the morning -- you'll determine what works best for you!

Are #mood Pills vegan & gluten free too?

Yes and yes! And bonus -- all Love Wellness products are cruelty free -- we test on humans, not animals.

Do I have to take #mood Pills daily?

Given that we use natural ingredients, a constant and consistent schedule will be most effective. But we find some customers only need them the week before their period, or a few days here and there.

Can I take this with other mood enhancers / anti-depressants? 

Chat with your doctor on this one too. Adding something else to the mix might not make the most sense, so double check before adding anything new to your regimen.

Swallowing pills aren't my thing. Can I open up the capsule to take it?

Yep! We have tons of customers who prefer to open the capsule and add it to their smoothies/yogurts, etc!

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