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Does anyone here struggle with having little to no sex drive? I don’t know if my hormones are off or maybe it’s a medication I’m on but I’m starting to worry a little bit. I’m 24 and I would just think I’d have more of a drive! How do you guys handle low sex drive? Are there any supplements you take or teas you drink? Thank you!


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    @haylie7 Have you seen a Dr?  My sex drive was non-existent when I was very sick for an extended period. I think my body was using hormones to support my adrenals instead of sex hormones. My sex drive returned when my body was less stressed. Regardless, you may want to check in with a Dr. and see if there is a medical issue first.  And of course, you want to make sure your diet is good, your stress is low, you are getting enough vitamins and minerals. 
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    I’m going through something similar.  I’m trying to figure out if it’s better to talk to my gynecologist or primary.
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    It could be a few different things. It could be medication. It could be stress related. Talking to a doctor and/or therapist can help. Have you tried masturbating, just for fun? If you're single and not having sex with anyone, I think it's normal for sexual desire to come and go in waves. If you're in a relationship and your sex drive is low, then it might be a sign that something else is going on. Do you feel connected to your partner? Do you feel seen, heard, and valued?

    I recently moved in with my boyfriend, and we've both been stressed out about a lot of things, including our new lives together. We normally have sex everyday, at least once. Recently, we didn't have sex for about a week. I was feeling low, and my sex drive was low too. My boyfriend eventually initiated sex and I just couldn't do it. There was too much on my mind, and I wasn't feeling connected to him. We ended up having an honest conversation about our stress and anxiety, and how we need to support each other through difficult times. After we talked openly and honestly, our sex life resumed and now it's better than ever! I think honesty and communication is so important. Even though everyone is different, I think avoiding sex can be an indicator that something else is bothering you. Hope this helps :blush:
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    I’m finding the same but I feel like mine might be related to being quarantined 24/7 with my husband and not having a chance to miss him. I’ve been trying to figure out ways to bring the spark back but honestly, I feel lazy (I know, sounds terrible). I also find that I don’t feel sexy right now so the idea of trying to get it on doesn’t sound all that appealing. Maybe when I remove my unwanted body hair (once places open up again), I’ll feel better. Maybe trying to remember what made you feel good about having sex or gets you in the mood might help? I agree seeing a dr will help as well. Good Luck!
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    I’m feeling the same but I’m older and it is due to lack of men not just my body getting older.
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    Some medications, like lexapro and even BC pills can affect your drive. Ask your OBGYN
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    There are so many possible causes of low sex drive. Fluctuations in sexual interest and arousal can change throughout her life.  Sleep, stress, changes in body image, weight, and changes in relationships with their partners all play a role.  Also, certain medications can be associated with decreased libido.  Doctors should identify all current issues by taking a thorough history and physical exam. Treatment should be tailored to the underlying problem and address physical, psychological, and relationship factors. 

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