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Do any of you get musty no matter what brand of deodorant you use ?

KW1973KW1973 Member Posts: 2
This has happened to me for years, it's uncomfortable, embarrassing and VERY ANNOYING!!
I have been using Certain Dri (roll on) for over a year,  and now it's not working anymore. I am so over it at this point !! 🙄🙄😟🤭

Best Answers

  • kaceylangstonkaceylangston Posts: 224 admin
    Accepted Answer
    @KW1973 I haven't really experienced this until of late when I started using natural deodorants. I still have not found one that I love though..I either wind up smelling or am still sweating - no in between! @gabsluchetta I've tried Tom's and Kopari..both of which are alright but nothing that I am over the moon about...would love any and all recommendations as well!


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