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Q&A With Love Wellness Member, Lindsey

Love Club CommunityLove Club Community Administrator Posts: 69 admin

Name: Lindsey Gilbert

Age: 25

Location: Queens, NY

  1. What is the best advice you’ve ever received about self-care or what wellness is? Do what is best is for you and your body. You know your body better than anyone and it's important that you listen to what it is telling you. You are your temple.

  2. Who has had the biggest impact on your wellness journey? My grandmother definitely had the biggest impact on my health journey. She lived and ate healthy and she really helped guide me down a great healthy lifestyle that I still live by today. She sadly passed from ovarian cancer last year but I still keep her advice near and dear to my heart.

  3. What impact has Love Wellness had on your life? Love Wellness has been a great change to my daily life. LW products are really tailor made for the everyday person who just wants to live healthier and feel confident that the products they are taking are made by people who actually care.

  4. What are your favorite products from  Love Wellness and why? My favorite products are definitely the Metabolove and Bye Bye Bloat. Not only are the names really cute, but they actually live up to their namesake. I also recently tried Lights Out (I have trouble sleeping) and these are now my number one favorite sleep supplement. I will definitely be getting more bottles.

  5. What have you learned about yourself on your wellness journey? I've learned that being healthy is actually really fun and it's not just about being on a diet, it's really a lifestyle change. Taking Love Wellness products really help keep you on track and keep you motivated to want to live a steady, healthy life.

  6. What is the advice you’d give other women who have suffered the same challenges as you? I would say that you are beautiful inside and out. Get rid of those negative thoughts about your body. Nobody is perfect, and actually not being perfect is what makes you unique. You only live once so make the best of it and don't dwell on the negative, instead focus on the positive.

  7. What does it mean to you when someone says “Love Yourself Well." Loving yourself well is to look in the mirror and be truly happy at the person looking back at you.

We love you, Lindsey! 
You can watch Lindsey's interview here :smile:
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