The disgusting truth

hpickett450hpickett450 Member Posts: 5
The disgusting truth of how horrible my stomach and digestion was before introducing sparkle fiber into my life!

Previously i had done some time taking the probiotic, bye bye bloat and lights out. And i was feeling good. I was sleeping better than before, less rolling around at night and that was a god send.

Then along came the beautiful sparkle fiber. And i wasnt fully on board. Do i really need to add another vitamin to my day. Do i really want to go through the introduction and adjustment of adding this to my routine. 

The answer is YES! 

I have never had less stomach pain from being constipated because i decided to eat not so great one day. Or binge eat cheese over the weekend with my mom. Day to day i feel more comfortable and relaxed.
I am not worried about having the sudden holy crap i have to go and go now! Not only do i feel more regular i feel like im actually getting everything out of my that i should be. 

Never again will i sit back and question should i give this a try when it comes to the next launch of Lovewellness!


  • kaceylangstonkaceylangston Administrator Posts: 302 admin
    @hpickett450 Sparkle Fiber to the rescue!! Thank you for sharing your story, so happy that you have found the support needed on your wellness journey with Love Wellness!  <3
  • scoopstrillacciscoopstrillacci Member Posts: 3
    Oh boy! I just ordered it and from your description it sounds like just what I needed to add to Good Girl Probiotics and Bye Bye Bloat! Thanks for the encouraging post!
  • alondrafalondraf Member Posts: 12
    I love this product as well!
    hey, I’m so glad to hear this product is great for so many people. This is my all time favorite and life saving go to product!
  • NicoleMNicoleM Member Posts: 2
    Sparkle fiber was a last minute add to my order and now the one I am most excited to try. I have bye bye bloat already and have only been using it for a few days. I often has soo much bloat along with digestion issues. I wonder if I should add the probiotic too or would that be over doing it? 
  • kaceylangstonkaceylangston Administrator Posts: 302 admin
    @NicoleM adding a probiotic to the mix is never over doing!  :) The Good Girl Probiotic formula delivers essential bacteria to the body to keep your gut healthy and maintain everything from vaginal pH levels to urinary tract health - so it does different things but also works with your other LW supplements! 
  • JenlehrLMFTJenlehrLMFT Member, Love Wellness Advisor Posts: 229 ✭✭✭
    @hpickett450 Glad Sparkle Fiber is working for you!  It is amazing how taking something so simple can make such a huge difference. @NicoleM I have found taking probiotics to be great. I would give it a try and see what you think. 
  • muffin42569muffin42569 Member Posts: 4
    Yesss I am glad you found something that works!! Super great products!!
  • scogginsegscogginseg Member Posts: 10
    Has anyone noticed their skin improving by adding Sparkle Fiber to their regimen? 
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