Energy, Aging, Hormone Levels

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Hi all! 
I know, aging...aging...but at 35 it is becoming more apparent how energy levels and hormones are playing out in this 5th "cycle" of a physical renewal (that is, if the body does in fact recycle and replenish every 7 years!) Any suggestions regarding fatigue? I take a Vitamin D supplement in addition to my LOVE Wellness and multi-vitamins. I want to stay healthy and well as it's still a goal to find the "one" and have a little babes! ;) 
Thanks, ladies! xoxo 


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    @stahla16 I am with you on the low energy levels and a notice in hormone changes as I get older. For the first time ever it feels like I'm ALWAYS tired and I've never really been one to feel fatigued! I take a Vitamin D as well and Metabolove has helped immensely. Curious to know if anyone else has the same feeling and what they might do/take to help with their energy levels throughout the day.
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    @Dr. Horton Thanks so much! I completely agree! I recently saw some information about 8-10hrs of sleep and if you are really in need of healing (which I seem to be each winter season) it says to get 10-12 with no guilt. SAD is sooooo real for me so perspective is great, I appreciate it. 
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    I had enormous energy until I got sick with Lyme Disease at the age of 49. (Now, my energy is much less.) Keeping your stress down, eating healthily and exercising regularly kept my energy up. 

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    @JenlehrLMFT yes! Thank you for the reminder on this Monday that back to basics is always the answer - just instill the simplistic food and nutrition + movement aspects and see the human body try to heal itself. :) 
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    @stahla16 I just came across this post and I have to agree with the comments above. I work in a lab/office setting and if I am not in the lab I am at my desk usually with a water bottle in my face. We cannot drink water in the lab, which means I don't get enough water when I am back there. So breaks during the day to drink water are larger part of my day. I also try to eat a more balanced diet, so I do my best to meal prep and not order in for lunch. Worst case, if I am still feeling sluggish during the day I have a matcha tea :smile:  I haven't tried adding vitamin D but I certainly add that to my daily mix!
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    @pyoung what do you do for work? I drink so much water during the day, I would be right there with you on those water breaks! Matcha has become my best friend around 3pm :smile: and I just started incorporating vitamin D into my routine..will report back after a couple of weeks when I'm taking it consistently. Would love to hear your thoughts as well once you start taking it. 
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    @kaceylangston I am a forensic scientist, so having any kind of food or drink in the lab is not possible. 
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